Jefferson Parish Medical Reserve Corps

 Jefferson Parish Medical Reserve Corps:

Jefferson Parish Medical Reserve Corps (JPMRC) is a volunteer program for individuals with medical and public health backgrounds to assist in a disaster.  Volunteers have the opportunity to engage in annual community vaccination events, hurricane response including evacuations and sheltering, and preparedness activities.


To supplement public health and medical response in disasters and public health emergencies within Jefferson Parish.

 Types of Volunteers: 

The JPMRC allows anyone to volunteer, but specifically recruits individuals with medical, mental health, behavioral health, social work and public health backgrounds.  This includes licensed professionals, students and retirees that want to serve our community.

 Volunteer Requirements:

All volunteers must be able to pass a background check and complete a set of onboarding trainings.  Additional trainings will be offered throughout the year.  While there are no minimum volunteer hours required, in order to remain an active member, you must complete at least one activity per year.

 How to Sign Up: 

JPMRC is a part of the Louisiana Department of Health’s Volunteers in Action (LAVA) program. Therefore, you must enroll in two online systems.  After your initial enrollment, all subsequent activities will take place in the Better Impact system.

JPMRC Better Impact Volunteer Management System

  1. Go to website - Better Impact - and complete the application
  2. Complete all required onboarding trainings and acknowledgements

Louisiana Volunteers in Action (LAVA) System

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Register here”
  3. Go to “Add Organizations”
  4. Select “Medical Reserve Corps”
  5. Select “Jefferson Parish Medical Reserve Corps”
  6. Answer all account information questions
  7. Click “next” to go to your home page
  8. Click on “my profile” to add licensure information if applicable

For questions, please contact the JPMRC Coordinator at