Do Not Toss

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In cooperation with local publishers, Jefferson Parish now regulates the unwanted tossing of unsolicited printed matter, which often arrives as a “free” newspaper in red, white, or clear bags tossed on residential lawns.

Please submit the required information below to add your residential address to a “Do Not Toss” List maintained by the Department Code Compliance & Enforcement.

Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q:   How long does it take to stop publications from being tossed?

    A:   Before reporting a complaint, please allow forty (40) days to fully process your request.

    Q:   Why might I still receive unsolicited publications?

    A:   The “Do Not Toss” List is not intended to be a completely prohibitive “Do Not Deliver” List.
           Distributors may continue to deliver publications in alternative ways by:

    1. Placing and securing it at the entryway nearest the front door;
    2. Attaching it securely to the front door;
    3. Putting it through a mail slot on or near the front door;
    4. Putting it between the exterior front door and the interior front door;
    5. Handing it personally to the proprietary party of the premises;
    6. Depositing unsolicited printed matter into a receptacle lawfully located upon any street or public place, provided said person is authorized to deposit such unsolicited printed matter into said receptacle; or
    7. Distributing unsolicited printed matter to any person who accepts it.

    Q:   What if I change my mind?

    A:   To change your request or to remove your address from the “Do Not Toss” List, please call 504-364-3508.

Please fill out form to add your address to the "Do Not Toss" List.