Additional Information

 2023 Parade Schedule:

CLICK HERE for the 2023 Jefferson Parish Parade Schedule 

 Public Safety Resources:

Mardi Gras Sober Safe Spots

Public Safety Tips

 Parish Parade Ordinances: 

Code of Ordinances, Chapter 6, Article V

Parade Ordinance 23925 (adopted 12/8/10)

Parade Ordinance 25273 (adopted 12/7/16)

Parade Ordinance 25688 (adopted 10/24/18)

 Parade Vendor Deadline:

CLICK HERE to view the Parade Vendor Deadline

 Parade Participant/Rider Regulations:

CLICK HERE to view the Parade Participant/Rider Regulations

 Rider Alerts Flyer: 

CLICK HERE to view the Jefferson Transit - Rider Alerts Flyer