Home Incarceration Program (HIP)

Joseph S. Yenni Building
1221 Elmwood Park Blvd., Suite 607
Jefferson, LA  70123
Phone:  (504)736-6844
Fax:      (504)736-8717
Email: JPCommunityJustice@JeffParish.net

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Ronald E. Lampard, Director


CJAWatchPatrol-100x134.jpg "House Arrest" is a program which provides the Courts with an alternative to incarceration. The program can be used both as a pre-trial release option or a post-conviction release option. The Jefferson Parish Adult Home Incarceration Program (HIP) provides strict monitoring and supervision of individuals placed within the control of the program by the Courts. Individuals are monitored through an electronic monitoring device as well as by monitoring activities conducted daily by police officers assigned from the Gretna Police Department to the Parish program. Procedural compliance and accountability are monitored daily through the officers' management, supervision and regulation of the actions of the individuals enrolled in the program.