Residential Driveway Review

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All residential developments require a driveway permit to construct a new, replacement, or additional driveway apron on Parish right of way. This permit also includes the construction or replacement of the required public sidewalk. In some instances the driveways may be located on a State roadway. If so, a driveway permit must be issued by the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (D.O.T.D). For more information, Contact the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development:

Louisiana Department of Transportation
Danielle Valladares, Dist. 02 Permit Engineer
Phone: (504) 437-3190
Email:  Danielle.Valladares@LA.GOV


  • New Construction

    The driveway permit application form must be completed and included with the documents for all new residential building permits. There may be times when the site plan of the new residence must be altered due to obstructions in the public right of way, including but not limited to: Power poles and guy wire anchors, street light poles, fire hydrants, telephone or utility structures, trees, and street drains (catch basin structures). If the owner chooses to relocate any of these obstructions to accommodate the preferred location of the driveway, they will be responsible for all costs associated with the relocation.

  • Replacement and additional driveways

    Any proposal to replace or add additional driveways or sidewalks must be permitted through the Department of Engineering.


  • Forms and Documents