Resilient Mitigation

Joseph S. Yenni Building
1221 Elmwood Park Blvd, No. 310
Jefferson, LA 70123
Phone:  (504) 736-6540


Jefferson Parish has more water than land area, which means when Southeast Louisiana is hit by a heavy rain event, flooding can ensue. That’s why our department is working hard to help educate homeowners about the importance of making changes around their homes and yards to better manage stormwater runoff and protect the integrity of our flood protection infrastructure. One way everybody can contribute to this effort is by incorporating green infrastructure into our homes and everyday routines. This practice not only provide additional flood protection, but also helps produce cleaner air and water. Click on the following links to see examples and learn about the different environmentally friendly ways to manage stormwater at your home.

Above Ground
In-The Ground
Below Ground


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