Rental and Mortgage Assistance

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Emergency Rental and Mortgage Financial Assistance 

The JeffCAP-Housing Emergency Rental & Mortgage Financial Assistance Program provides crisis assistance for eligible, low-income individuals and families in urgent need. Services include assistance with delinquent rental or mortgage payments to landlords, property management companies, or mortgage servicers. Assistance is dependent on available funding at the time of the individual's application.

In addition to financial assistance, clients are provided with a one-on-one consultation addressing financial capabilities and alternative housing options, if applicable. All rental clients are advised on their rights under fair housing laws and local ordinances concerning landlord/tenant relations.

Financial assistance is limited and may be available to all clients on a first-come, first-served basis. A client can only receive a one-time hardship payment, paid directly to the landlord or servicer. It is mandatory for all clients that receive assistance, must register and complete our Financial Fitness Workshop. If the client does not complete the Financial Fitness Workshop, he or she will not be eligible for financial assistance in their next two-year cycle, if assistance is needed.


  • Clients participants of subsidized housing, such as public housing and section 8, are NOT eligible for assistance through this program.
  • Households MUST meet ALL eligibility and required documentation requirements to qualifiy for assistance. To view the eligibility requirements for JeffCAP Emergency Rental & Mortgage Assistance
  • Landlords or Property Management Forms