The Long-Range Division conducts two main types of studies:

  • Text studies are studies of the Parish’s development regulations. These regulations are located mostly in Chapter 33 Unified Development Code and Chapter 40 Comprehensive Zoning of the Code of Ordinances. The purpose of text studies is to evaluate a specific topic or part of the regulations. If changes to the regulations seem warranted, the Planning Department and Planning Advisory Board will make recommendations for specific text amendments and the Parish Council will make decisions regarding their adoption.
  • Area studies are studies of a specific geographic area of the unincorporated parish. The purpose of area studies is to determine whether the current zoning classification or future land use category of the area is appropriate or if it should be changed. Map amendments occur by the same procedure as text amendments.

Text studies and area studies can be initiated one of three ways:

  • By the Parish Council through a Resolution;
  • By the Planning Advisory Board at one of its meetings; or
  • By the Planning Director by giving notice at a meeting of the Planning Advisory Board.

Studies that are initiated by the Parish Council may have interim development standards associated with them. A list of current interim development standards can be found here.

Studies that are scheduled for an upcoming PAB or Council public hearing will have staff reports available here. Requests for documents associated with a completed study should be submitted through the Public Records Request process.

Plans and Other Planning Initiatives 

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