The Long-Range Division conducts two main types of studies:

  • Text studies are studies of the Parish’s development regulations. These regulations are located mostly in Chapter 33 Unified Development Code and Chapter 40 Comprehensive Zoning of the Code of Ordinances. The purpose of text studies is to evaluate a specific topic or part of the regulations. If changes to the regulations seem warranted, the Planning Department and Planning Advisory Board will make recommendations for specific text amendments and the Parish Council will make decisions regarding their adoption.
  • Area studies are studies of a specific geographic area of the unincorporated parish. The purpose of area studies is to determine whether the current zoning classification or future land use category of the area is appropriate or if it should be changed. Map amendments occur by the same procedure as text amendments.

Text studies and area studies can be initiated one of three ways:

  • By the Parish Council through a Resolution;
  • By the Planning Advisory Board at one of its meetings; or
  • By the Planning Director by giving notice at a meeting of the Planning Advisory Board.

Studies that are initiated by the Parish Council may have interim development standards associated with them. A list of current interim development standards can be found below.

Moratoria and Interim Development Standards

When the Parish Council adopts a resolution that authorizes a study of the parish’s development regulations, it may choose to impose a moratorium or interim development standards during the course of the study. Moratoria or interim development standards go into effect immediately upon adoption of the resolution by the Council, and they stay in place for up to one year but may be extended for up to six additional months. (Chapter 40 Zoning, Sec. 40-880 Permits pending amendments; Moratorium and Chapter 33 UDC, Sec. 33-2.21.5. Approvals pending ordinance amendments; moratorium.)

The table below lists the moratoria or interim development standards that are currently in effect, with the zoning districts affected and when the moratorium or interim development standards will expire. The table also provides a link to the resolutions which contain the details of the moratoria or interim development standards. 

Please contact a planner for a complete understanding of these moratoria or interim development standards.

Districts Affected



Expiration Date

Portion of properties located within the Elmwood Subdivision on the West Bank

Units restricted to persons 55 and older and a spouse of any age; or all residents over the age of 62.

Homeowners association is required. Dimensional standards of the R-1A zoning district shall apply, except that:

Min. area of 2,100 sq. ft., min. width 30 ft., and depth of 70 ft. are required.




R-1MH zoned property located within the Bunche Village neighborhood, bounded by Airline Drive, Little Farms Avenue, Canadian National Railway (CN Rail), and Filmore Street

R-1A zoning shall apply




R-3 Multiple-Family Residential zoned property between Westbank Expressway, Silver Lily Lane, Acre Road and Cohen Road.  

R-2 zoning shall apply




All properties parishwide

For reuse of existing nonresidential uses in nonresidential zoning districts, off-site parking is allowed, subject to additional criteria

The following updated off-street parking requirements shall apply:

  • Office: One (1) space per three hundred fifty (350) square feet of gross floor area
  • Restaurant: One (1) space per two hundred fifty (250) square feet of gross floor area
  • Retail: One (1) space per three hundred (300) square feet of gross floor area



All reasonable accommodations applications 

  1. An application for reasonable accommodation may be made by any individual with a disability, his or her representative, or a developer or provider of housing for individuals with disabilities. Additional documents shall be required.
  2. The Department of Inspection and Code Enforcement shall forward the application to the Parish Attorney’s Office, which will submit the application to the Land Use Review Technical Committee (LURTC) for review. The written decision to grant, grant with modifications or conditions, or deny a request for reasonable accommodation shall be consistent with applicable fair housing laws and based upon certain factors.
  3. The Parish may condition the approval of a reasonable accommodation or may approve alternative reasonable accommodations.
  4. A reasonable accommodation request does not affect an applicant’s obligations to comply with other applicable regulations not at issue in the requested accommodation.
  5. Any accommodation granted to an individual with a disability shall be considered personal to that individual and shall not run with the land. 




Off-track wagering facilities and gaming establishments

  1. Definitions. Definitions established for off-track wagering facility, historical horse racing, and pari-mutuel wagering.   
  2. Minimum distance. The minimum distance between any off-track wagering facility and any property on the National Register of Historic Places, any public playground, any residential property, or a building used primarily as a church, synagogue, public library, or school shall be one (1) mile.
  3. Additional standards related to historical horse racing:
    1. Historical horse racing shall not be conducted via a machine, website, or mobile application beyond the property of an off-track wagering facility that offers historical horse racing.
    2. Any off-track wagering facility shall have no more than three (3) historical horse racing machines in operation.



Recently Approved Text Amendments

The Code of Ordinances hosted on the Municode website may not reflect the most current legislation adopted by the Jefferson Parish Council. Below is a list of recently adopted text amendments and their corresponding ordinances.

Description of Study

Ordinance No. 

Council Action Date

Ordinance Effective Date

Council Staff Report

TXT-1-22 – Tree Preservation StudyA text amendment of Chapter 33 Unified Development Code and Chapter 40 Zoning of the Code of Ordinances of the Parish of Jefferson; to amend standards and procedures pertaining to tree preservation, including tree replacement, violations, enforcement, and penalties; and provide for related matters; as authorized by Council Resolution No. 136707 adopted December 9, 2020 and extended via Council Resolution No. 138642 adopted December 8, 2021. (Parishwide)





TXT-1-22 Report and Graphics

TXT-3-22Housekeeping Study- A text amendment of Chapter 33 Unified Development Code and Chapter 40 Zoning of the Code of Ordinances of the Parish of Jefferson; to amend zoning and development regulations and administrative provisions and procedures, and provide for related matters; as authorized by Council Resolution No. 139765 adopted May 25, 2022. (Parishwide)





TXT-3-22 Report and Graphics

TXT-2-22 – Mechanical Equipment StudyA text amendment of Chapter 33 Unified Development Code and Chapter 40 Zoning of the Code of Ordinances of the Parish of Jefferson; to establish and amend zoning regulations and standards for mechanical equipment; and provide for related matters; as authorized by Council Resolution No. 137391 adopted on March 31, 2021. (Parishwide)





TXT-2-22 Report and Graphics

Studies that are scheduled for an upcoming PAB or Council public hearing will have staff reports available here. Requests for documents associated with a completed study should be submitted through the Public Records Request process.