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On Saturday, April 30, 2022, Jefferson Parish voters will decide whether or not to approve an existing millage for the Jefferson Parish Consolidated Road Lighting District. The millage, not to exceed 3 mills, is the sole source of
revenue to power and properly maintain the roughly 60,000 street lights throughout Unincorporated Jefferson Parish and the Town of Jean Lafitte. The funding from the millage is used to replace deteriorated wiring and pole systems,
which are sometimes 50 years old. The money is also used to install new lighting systems along major thoroughfares in Unincorporated Jefferson Parish. The Street Lighting Division strives to improve the Parish network by upgrading
existing lighting to the current industry standard of LED, which provides more aesthetically pleasing white light, while reducing energy and maintenance costs.

This is not a new tax, but the renewal of an existing millage. If approved, the millage will be collected for a period of 10 years beginning in 2025. It is expected to generate approximately 9.3 million dollars per year.
Almost half the money raised goes to pay for electricity to operate the system. Overhead and underground maintenance accounts for about a quarter of the funds, while the remaining revenue pays for capital improvements and staff.