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On-Demand, Curb-to-Curb Public Transit Access Pilot Program Arrives in Metairie Road District

Councilwoman Jennifer Van Vrancken, President Cynthia Lee Sheng, the Department of Transit Administration, Transdev Services, Inc., and Lyft announce a new Move Metairie pilot program.


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Move Metairie is provided by a partnership between Jefferson Transit, Transdev, and Lyft.

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About Move Metairie:

Move Metairie is a new public mobility service that provides Metairie residents, workers, and visitors with on-demand, curb-to-curb transportation within a predetermined area.  This innovative transportation option expands the reach of traditional public transit to serve riders within a few blocks radius of a standard bus route. Through a partnership with Jefferson Parish, Transdev Services, Inc., and Lyft, Move Metairie will begin as a 6-month pilot project, operating on the underutilized Metairie Road E4 bus line and improving bus frequency on the Veterans E1 bus route. If the program is a success, it will be extended and may be expanded to serve additional areas and neighborhoods throughout Metairie and the Metairie Ridge. For more information, visit

About Metairie Road District:

The Metairie Road District, a cooperative association of residents, business owners, and civic leaders, seeks to improve the lives of both Metairie Road businesses and surrounding residents by creating a cohesive cultural district reaching from Severn Avenue to the 17th Street Canal. The Metairie Road District strives to advance the area businesses and enhance community events for Metairie Road residents and visitors while embracing the community’s heritage and values. For more information, visit or follow Metairie Road on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.