Workforce Development Board (Content Update in Progress)

The Jefferson Parish Workforce Development Board
Will be hosting the following meetings on
Thursday October 14, 2021
Joseph S. Yenni Building Room 402

JPWDB Operations Committee Meeting 9:00 a.m.
JPWDB Planning Committee Meeting 10:00 a.m.
JPWDB Youth Committee Meeting 11:00 a.m.
JPWDB Executive Committee Meeting 12:00 p.m.

The Jefferson Parish Workforce Development Board is comprised of representatives from the business community as well as various agencies throughout the region. The role of the Board is diverse but focused. It coordinates the tasks of the various agencies that encompass the Jefferson Parish One-stop Center. Serving as a liaison-type program between various agencies, individuals and employers, the One-stop Center provides the coordination of services, training and job placement within a single location.

Along with the development of a strategic five-year local plan, the Workforce Development Board has implemented additional concepts designed to improve employment and training efforts and to identify measures of achievement. They include:

  • to serve as a workforce broker, bringing employers and qualified applicants together. The focus is on identifying specific needs of employers, resulting in more market-driven programs and stronger employer support.
  • to assist in building a better workforce, linking employers and individuals to education and training programs.
  • to promote long-term employability and life-long learning by providing access to "skills" training allowing competitiveness in today's labor market.
  • to prepare youth for employment in the region's most vital industries through various youth programs.
  • to provide access to current workforce data, labor market information and job listings.
  • to lead the effort to move welfare recipients toward self-sufficiency through the Welfare- to-Work program.

The Workforce Development Board is a progressive intermediary, which is an essential component if we are to achieve success in delivering beneficial employment, and training services.

If you would like to consider serving as a member of the Workforce Development Board, or for more information on the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act or the Board, call 736-6542.


  • Cynthia Lee Sheng, Parish President
  • Tom Pyburn, WDB Chairperson
  • Tom Jones, Chair, WDB Vice Chairperson, Planning Committee Chairperson


  • Christi Langoni, WDB Director, 504-736-6900
  • Frances Turner, Administrative Management Specialist IV, 736-6466
  • Carmen Benitez, Accountant I, 736-6543
  • Nedra McKinney, Typist Clerk III, 736-6542

One Stop Operator
Closing the Gap Consulting, LLC
Darrel Lewis, President-CEO
15560 Riverdale Avenue E
Baton Rouge, LA 70816
(225) 505-2663