Coexisting with Coyotes

Coyote Management Tips

Coyotes are becoming more common in urban areas, including Jefferson Parish, due to land development and food availability. Here are some important things to keep in mind:

1. Watch your pets. Keep cats indoors, and never leave small dogs outside unsupervised, or let any dog out of your yard off leash.

2. Secure food sources. Store garbage in containers and feed pets indoors OR remove the food after they have finished eating. Do not leave food accessible around the clock for an outdoor animal, as this will draw in wildlife.

3. Keep your yard tidy. Keep grass cut and bushes trimmed to prevent creating a welcoming space for wildlife.

4. Coyote attacks are rare. If you see a coyote you can raise your arms and yell, make a loud noise, or even throw something in the direction of the coyote to drive them away (this is called hazing).

coexisting with coyotes
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If you observe coyotes in your neighborhood, check out this video and follow the tips from JPAWS Chief Humane Officer Shannon Neal on how to keep them away from your home and your pets. Click the image below to view or download the Living with Louisiana Wildlife: Response to Coyotes PowerPoint.