Emergency Management

Mission Statement:

The Mission of the Jefferson Parish Emergency Management Department is to provide emergency management planning for Jefferson Parish Departments and agencies and overall emergency management coordination and guidance during major emergencies within the Parish and providing for the continued safety of the citizens and visitors to Jefferson Parish.

Vision Statement:

The Jefferson Parish Emergency Management Department will become the premier emergency management agency by 1) continuously training its employees in the latest emergency management techniques and procedures, 2) improving its grant writing ability and thereby increasing it federal funding, 3) updating the EOC with cutting edge technology, and 4) conducting yearly emergency management training exercises, thereby increasing its ability to respond to and efficiently manage all major emergencies within Jefferson Parish.

Emergency Management's responsibility is to develop a coordinated and effective response for the protection of the lives and property of citizens in Jefferson Parish during natural or man-made disasters.  This is accomplished through:

  • Developing and implementing an "All Hazard Emergency Operations Plan."
  • Conducting and participating in coordination meetings with all other emergency service agencies throughout the year.
  • Continuing to update departmental emergency plans with each parish department and revise ESF assignments in the EOC.
  • Conducting and/or participating in emergency and disaster drills with Jefferson Parish public safety agencies and with other Louisiana Parishes, State and Federal agencies.
  • Maintaining vigorous public awareness programs through the media and disaster presentations to business, industrial, civic, and school groups.
  • Coordinating the dissemination of emergency public information and warning of the public.
  • Operating, maintaining, and enhancing the Parish's Emergency Operations Center (EOC).
  • Serving as the coordination point for federal disaster relief programs.
  • Assisting public safety agencies, as needed, at the scene of emergency operations.
  • Licensing EMS providers and inspecting ambulances operating in the Parish through its EMS Compliance Office.