Floodplain Management & Hazard Mitigation

The Floodplain Management and Hazard Mitigation Department strives to lessen the risk of flooding and implement long-term actions now to reduce the loss of life and property from the impacts of future disasters in Jefferson Parish.Logo

We provide the following services:

  • Flood Zone Determinations and Flood Map Inquiries
  • Education and Outreach for Natural Hazards
  • Guidance on Various Mitigation Methods
  • Oversight of Hazard Mitigation Assistance (HMA) Programs
  • Coordination of Natural Hazards Resilience Efforts
  • Jefferson Parish’s Hazard Mitigation Plan Update
  • Community Rating System (CRS) Program for unincorporated Jefferson Parish
  • Floodplain Solicitation of Views
  • Elevation Certificate and Flood Insurance Declarations Page Analysis

Meet our Staff:


Meet Marsha:

02-MainMeetMarsha.png   Look for Marsha in newsletters, billboards, mailers, and in government offices.  She will be sharing ways to protect your propety and family from natural hazards as well as tips to build smarter.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible for an elevation grant?

You may be eligible for an elevation grant if two or more flood claims have been paid on your property.  To get a copy of your property’s flood loss claim history call FEMA at 1-800-427-4661.  If you meet this qualification, contact our office to get more information.

I heard Jefferson Parish has a new Flood Insurance Rate Map.  Is that true?

It is! The new Flood Insurance Rate Map became effective on February 2, 2018, and is now used for flood insurance ratings.

Click the images below to view the maps and instructional videos:

Jefferson Parish Geoportal - Flood Maps Geoportal Instructional Videos
  03a-MainMapBlackBorder500x400.PNG 03b-MainZoneBorder600x333.PNG


How can I get a community letter showing my flood zone and Base Flood Elevation (BFE)?

You can request a community letter through our online form <HERE>.

My flood zone has changed from Zone X to Zone AE.  Will my rates increase immediately?

Your rates should not increase immediately.  Because you’re newly mapped into the high risk area, talk to your agent about the Newly Mapped Procedure which allows you to maintain Preferred Risk Rates (if you have a favorable loss history) for one full year after the effective date of the new map.  You will then see small incremental increases each year thereafter until you’ve reached your full-risk rate.  Full-risk rates are based off of your Elevation Certificate.  If you do not have an Elevation Certificate, your full-risk rate will be reached once your annual increases equals the Standard AE or X policy rates.  Share this FACT SHEET with your agent.

How do I obtain an elevation certificate for my property?

Elevation certificates can only be completed by a licensed land surveyor, engineer, or architect.  Elevation certificates are necessary to determine the height measurements of the structure meet the Base Flood Elevation (BFE) when building or mitigating a residential or commercial structure.  Completed certificates should be on file in the Jefferson Parish Office of Code Enforcement for such structures built after 1992.  You can search for completed Elevation Certificates through the Department of Code Enforcement’s ONLINE SYSTEM.  If there is no Elevation Certificate on file for your property, you may want to reach out to a licensed land surveyor, engineer, or architect to request a new Elevation Certificate.  There is a fee associated with getting a new certificate.