Human Resource Management

Nicole Thompson
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Nicole Thompson

The Department of Human Resource Management is responsible for assisting all Parish departments and employees in employee-related matters. The department encompasses personnel management, employee training, employee benefits programs, occupational safety and health programs, and a substance use program. Human Resource Management aids in the formulation of administrative policies, makes recommendations to Parish government regarding organizational planning and staffing, and advises Parish government on all matters affecting human resources. In order to keep employees informed, the department publishes an online bi-monthly newspaper and other important employee communications.

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Mission Statement

The Human Resource Department's mission is to support the goals and challenges of Parish government and provide quality leadership, support, and services in employee management, labor law, and employee relations. The department strives to establish, administer, and effectively communicate sound policies, rules, and practices that treat employees with dignity and equality while maintaining compliance with employment and labor laws, the Personnel Rules, Regulations of Conduct, and the Parish government's administrative directives. Recognizing that our employees are our most valuable resource, we will accomplish this mission by:

  • Assisting all Parish departments in addressing a variety of workplace challenges, such as those related to substance use, occupational safety and health, the resolution of employee disputes, labor relations, disciplinary actions, appeals, and employment related state and federal court cases.

  • Monitoring compliance with numerous complex employment laws, designing legally sound HR policies, and ensuring their implementation.

  • Identifying emerging HR policies and operational issues and proposing specific measures and approaches to deal with them.

  • Seeing to the well-being of employees by offering and administering competitive benefits.

  • Developing employee excellence by providing orientation, training, and development for career enhancement.

  • Helping departments retain valuable employees by providing a work atmosphere that is safe, healthy, and secure as well as free of any form of discrimination or harassment.

  • Promoting cooperative relationships by encouraging employee/management responsibility and high standards of performance and conduct.

  • Providing an opportunity for employee communication through the Parish newsletter and other publications.