Ecosystem and Coastal Management

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MISSION STATEMENT: To aid in the management and restoration of Jefferson Parish’s coastal resources through coordination with local, state, federal governments, and Non-governmental organization entities by reviewing proposed development; advocating for project funding; and educating stakeholders about regional ecosystem issues.

Jefferson Parish lies entirely within the Louisiana Coastal Zone established by the State and Local Coastal Resources Management Act of 1978 (Act 361). Because Jefferson Parish lies entirely within the Louisiana Coastal Zone the impact of the State's Coastal Zone Management Program is vitally important to the future of Jefferson Parish. In recognition of that impact, Jefferson Parish developed the Jefferson Parish Coastal Zone Management (CZM) Program in 1984. Our local CZM Program which was approved by the state on January 4, 1985, is consistent with the state guidelines and with the policies and objectives of Act 361.

Coastal Strategic Action Plan

Jefferson parish has 336 square miles of water and only 305 square miles of land, resulting in more than 50% of Jefferson Parish being water. The coastal areas of Jefferson Parish are home to world-class commercial and recreational fisheries along with hosting a vast array of birds, reptiles, and other wildlife. This complex ecosystem is disappearing and now is a critical time to invest in strategic coastal restoration and projection projects. The projects and strategies identified in this plan will strengthen Jefferson Parish’s fight to save our coast which in turn will provide protection for our communities, habitat for wildlife, and recreation for generations to come.

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