General Services

Ryan Babcock, Director

J. P. General Government Building
200 Derbigny St., Suite 3300
Gretna, LA 70053
Phone: (504) 364-2675
Fax:     (504) 365-3312

The Department of General Services consists of three (3) divisions managed and maintained by hard working and dedicated employees who share the same mission statement which is,
“To Serve the Citizens of Jefferson Parish with Respect and a Pursuit Of Excellence”.

The divisions under the direction of the Department of General Services are as follows:

Property Management Division:

The functions for the Property Management Division are to provide:

  • Centralized Building Maintenance Operations 

  • Provide Renovations and Repairs 

  • Provide Custodial Services 

  • Provide Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Services

  • Provide Plumbing Services 
  • Provide Commercial Electrical Services 
  • Provide Parish Wide Inter-Office Mail Services

  • Initiating Adequate Preventive Maintenance Schedules

The Property Management Division strives to upgrade and modernize antiquated equipment and to maintain a high level of service to all tenants in approximately twenty-seven (27) parish-owned buildings under the jurisdiction of the Department of General Services encompassing 1.3 million square feet.

Surplus Property Division:

The functions of the Surplus Property Division are to provide storage of surplus equipment for all Jefferson Parish departments and to conduct auctions for the disposal of all items not recycled into use by other departments.

If you require information concerning the upcoming surplus auction, please contact Dale Esteves via email at or by telephone (504) 736-8485 between the hours of 7:30 am and 3:00pm, Monday through Friday.

Online Surplus Property Auction:

Jefferson Parish, in conjunction with Lone Star Auctioneering Company, will be hosting another Jefferson Parish online surplus property auction until Monday, Nov. 29, 2021. CLICK HERE for more information. 

Central Printing Division:

The functions of the Central Printing Division are to provide a centralized operation for printing and copier needs for all Parish departments and to continue to increase volume thus lowering the "cost per copy".

Most Frequently Asked Questions:

✓  When is garbage collection? How do I get a recycling bin? 

Contact the Jefferson Parish Department of Environmental Affairs at (504) 731-4612. Also check the section of Garbage and Recycling for more information on garbage pickup. 

Jefferson Parish Department of Environmental Affairs web link: HERE

✓  How do I get someone to cut their grass on a vacant lot or other specific location?

Contact the Jefferson Parish Department of Property Maintenance Zoning & Quality of Life at (504) 364-3540.

Jefferson Parish Department of Property Maintenance Zoning & Quality of Life web link:  HERE

✓  How do I apply for a job?

Contact the Jefferson Parish Personnel Department at (504) 364-2730.

Jefferson Parish Personnel Department web link:  HERE

✓  Property Management (Privately Owned Property)

The Department of General Services handles property management for the publicly owned buildings under this department's jurisdiction. It does not handle issues with privately owned property such as evictions, problems with landlords, or poor yard/home maintenance. For direction to the appropriate department and other information contact the Jefferson Parish Department of Citizen's Affairs at (504) 736-6100.

Jefferson Parish Department of Citizen’s Affairs web link: HERE

Parking at the General Government Complex

  • Jefferson Parish Parking Garage
    • The entrance to the Parking Garage is located at 300 Derbigny Street, Gretna, LA 
  • The Jefferson Parish King Fish Ground Lot
    • The entrance is located at 162 Street Gretna, LA.
      (across from the entrance to the General Government Complex entrance)

Parking cost are as follows:

  • $5.00 for 0-2 hours
  • $7.00 for 2-5 hours
  • $9.00 for 5-12 hours
  • $12.00 for 12-24 hours

If you are required to serve JURY DUTY, you can park in the parking garage for free. Please remember to bring the ticket you receive upon entering the garage to the Jury Pool Room when you report for Jury Duty so the staff can validate your parking.