Council Contact Information


Contact Information

Jennifer Van Vrancken

Councilwoman At-Large, Division A

Clayton Tufts, Chief of Staff

Royce Blanchard, Aide

Mallory Messina, Aide

Jeffrey Simno, Aide

East Bank:  Suite 1016, Office: 504-736-6615 | Fax: 731-4646

West Bank: Suite 6200, Office: 504-364-2616 | Fax: 364-3499

Scott A. Walker

Councilman At-Large, Division B

Council Chairman

Brian Grenrood, Chief of Staff

Ashley Ellis, Aide

Marc Burmaster, Aide

East Bank:  Suite 1018, Office: 504-736-6016 | Fax: 736-6598

West Bank: Suite 6200

Marion F. Edwards

Councilman, District 1

Terry Talamo, Chief of Staff

Carol Macera, Aide

West Bank: Suite 6400, Office: 504-364-2607 | Fax: 364-2615

Deano Bonano

Councilman, District 2

Vice Council Chairman

Angela Callais, Aide

Dwayne Munch, Aide

East Bank:  Suite 1013, Office: 504-736-6607 | Fax: 731-4433

West Bank: Suite 6300, Office: 504-364-3446 | Fax: 364-3417

Byron L. Lee

Councilman, District 3

Pamela Watson, Chief of Staff

Calvin Thompson, Aide

East Bank:  Suite 1011, Office: 504-736-6591 | Fax: 736-6598

West Bank: Suite 6500, Office: 504-364-2603 | Fax: 364-3704

Arita M.L. Bohannan

Councilwoman, District 4

Leigh Roussel, Chief of Staff

John Tobler, Aide

East Bank:  Suite 1015, Office: 504-736-6622 | Fax: 736-6639

Hans J. Liljeberg

Councilman, District 5

Brett Lawson, Chief of Staff

JoAnn Courcelle, Aide

Beverly Klundt, Aide

East Bank:  Suite 1014, Office: 504-736-6634 | Fax: 736-6632

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The Parish is governed by a president who carries out the policies adopted by the council, the legislative body of the Parish. As chief administrative officer, the Parish President supervises all Parish operations except for the offices of the Jefferson Parish Sheriff, Clerk of Court, Assessor, Coroner, District Attorney, and the Public School Board. These agencies are legally separate from the Parish Council. The council, composed of two council members at large and five district council members, levies taxes, special assessments, service charges, and license fees.

Post Office Box 10242
Jefferson, LA 70181-0241
Phone: (504) 736-6600

Post Office Box 9
Gretna, LA 70054
Phone: (504) 364-2600

Council Staff Information

Sonny Burmaster

Chief of Staff

Office: 504-736-6617

Lizabeth Johnston

Parish Council Clerk

Office: 504-364-2626

Jeremy D. Dwyer, Esq.

Director Research & Budget

Office: 504-736-6594 &


Deontrinelle Green, Esq.

Director of Legal Analysis

 Office: 504-736-6594 &



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East Bank Council Address
Joseph S. Yenni Building
1221 Elmwood Park Blvd., 10th Floor
Jefferson, LA 70123-2337
Receptionist: Office: 504-736-6600
Fax: 736-6633

West Bank Council Address
General Government Building
200 Derbigny Street, 6th Floor
Gretna, LA 70053-5850
Receptionist: Office: 504-364-2600
Fax: 364-2636