Fire Services

Don Robertson, Director

Fire Training Center 
3221 River Road
Bridge City, LA 70094
Phone: (504) 736-6202
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The Department of Fire Services oversees the Volunteer Fire Companies and acts as liaison between the Fire Companies, the Parish Administration and Council.  The Department of Fire Services has two sub-departments as well.  The Fire Training Facility and the Department of Hazardous Materials. 

The Fire Training Facility is a multi-training facility utilized by various fire departments and industrial businesses.  The Training Facility is overseen by the Assistant Director of Fire Services, David Saunders, and the Facility Coordinator, Scott Berthelot.

The Hazardous Materials department is a Parish-wide service that responds to all hazardous materials related incidents.  The department consists of Hazardous Materials Coordinator, Steven Mutz, and Assistant Coordinator, Alex Gorman.