Map of Parish Council Districts

Current Council District 5-2 Plan
(Ordinance No. 24015, adopted on May 25, 2011)

You may click below to view/print the current plan of the Jefferson Parish Council Districts. This plan has five (5) Council districts (five district Council members) as well as two (2) Councilmembers-at-large elected Parishwide.

East Bank Map
*Portions of District Numbers 2 & 3 appear in the West Bank Map

West Bank Map
*Portions of District Numbers 2 & 3 appear in the East Bank Map

Parish Overview Map (2.1 MB)


The Parish Council adopted Ordinance No. 26320 to alter, change, or rearrange Jefferson Parish Council district boundaries in accordance with Article 2, Section 2.02 of the Jefferson Parish Charter so as to provide for population equality among the districts as near as reasonably practicable using the population figures in the 2020 Census.   A total of four (4) precincts are affected by that action. The following changes are in effect for the Parish Council elections to be held on October 14, 2023 and November 18, 2023:

Precinct 18: 

Moves from Council District 5 to Council District 4.

Precinct 71: 

Moves from Council District 5 to Council District 2.

Precinct 75: 

Moves from Council District 5 to Council District 2.    

Precinct 216A: 

Moves from Council District 1 to Council District 3.

2024 East Bank Districts (PDF)

2024 West Bank Districts (PDF)