Board of Zoning Adjustments

1221 Elmwood Park Blvd., Ste. 210
Jefferson, LA 70123
P: (504)736-6023


If you are looking for a zoning change, re-subdivision, or zoning of a property, please call the Planning & Zoning Department at (504)736-6320.

If you are looking as to what you can build on your property, please call Building Permits at (504) 736-6957 East Bank or (504) 364-3512 West Bank.

The Board of Zoning Adjustments is mainly responsible for hearing and rendering a legal judgment on request for zoning variances.

The purpose of the Board of Zoning Adjustments (BZA) is to provide an outlet for possible relief where a property hardship exists.  Some “lots-of-record” have obvious property hardships that prevent the ability to comply with all zoning requirements and therefore prevent the ability to obtain a legal permit to build.


Examples of property hardships:
Lot being narrow, shallow, L-shaped, pie-shaped, a parallelogram, substandard, etc.

Some of the most commonly requested zoning variances are:

  1. Garage/carport enclosures creating insufficient front yard setback for legal off-street parking.
  2. Placement of mechanical equipment (air conditioning, swimming pool equipment, generator) in the required side yard creating insufficient side yard setback.
  3. Garage/accessory structures exceeding the maximum allowed in height in the rear yard area.
  4. Fence in the required front yard creating insufficient front yard setback.
  5. Carports in both the front yard and side yard areas having insufficient required front yard setbacks, insufficient side yard setbacks, and insufficient required sky clearance.

The BZA is composed of seven members. Each Jefferson Parish Council member appoints one member.

Diann C. Amstutz, Chairman - representing District 1

Timothy Valenti, Chairman - representing Division B

- representing Division A

Libby Moran, Board Secretary - representing District 2

Vernell Thibodeaux - representing District 3

Kevin Delahoussay - representing District 4

Jacquelyn "Jackie" Madden - representing District 5

BZA meetings are held every two weeks on Monday at 4:00 PM. They rotate from the East Bank Council Chambers to the West Bank Council Chambers. The phone number of the BZA to determine the current schedule is 504-736-6023.


 Current surveys and site plans with all significant dates clearly visible must be reviewed by the Department of Building Permits before 10:00 am the Thursday prior to the BZA deadline date.

 Applications must then be reviewed and approved by the Department of Board of Zoning Adjustments and payment submitted prior to the BZA deadline date.

*** Submission of all required documents DOES NOT guarantee that you will be placed on the next agenda.  You will be notified by certified mail of your scheduled hearing date.***

A person who wishes to request an appeal starts the process by applying online at MGO Connect Portal with the Department of Building Permits.  If you should have any questions about applying for your variance, please call Building Permits at 736-6957 (Eastbank) or 364-3512 (Westbank)

After the Department of Building Permits determines that the construction is not in compliance with current Jefferson Parish Zoning laws such as parking requirements, height restrictions, front, rear or side yard setback requirements from property lines, and there is a reason why the applicant believes the plans cannot be revised to meet the zoning laws, there is the option to file an appeal to the BZA.

The hearing schedule and instruction sheet can be found online at Board of Zoning Adjustments. A survey completed hardship and lists of owners of record indicating the appropriate neighboring property owners that are located within a 100-foot radius (residential) or 300-foot radius (commercial) of the job site.

In addition to the BZA application packet, a sign shall be posted by the Traffic Engineering Department at least ten (10) days prior to the hearing before the Board. The Traffic Engineering Department shall remove the sign once the Board takes final action.

The Plan Reviewer will then complete the BZA plot plan indicating the Articles & Sections of the Zoning Ordinances that the proposed building permit will violate. All fees are then to be paid via the online portal.

It currently takes approximately 3 weeks from the receipt of a completed application packet until the BZA public hearing is held.

Once the BZA staff satisfies all legal obligations and the BZA renders a Judgment (judgment is emailed to the applicant in 7-10 days after the BZA ruling), enforcement of the judgment is the responsibility of the Department of Building Permits; both the Plan Review Section & the Building Section.

Since the BZA is a Quasi-Judicial Board, anyone aggrieved by a decision of the Board has 30 days to appeal the decision to the 24th Judicial District Court.