Citizens' Affairs

Donna Russo, Director

Joseph S. Yenni Building
1221 Elmwood Park Blvd., Suite 403
Jefferson, LA 70123
Phone: (504) 736-6000
            (504) 736-6101
Fax:     (504) 736-6778
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There are six (6) sub-departments under Citizens' Affairs:


(504) 736-6000, (504) 736-6101, (504) 736-6100 / Fax (504) 736-6778

Provides the public with information/assistance on how to access various departments of Jefferson Parish Government. Based on the particular need, Citizens' Affairs will enlighten the public on the proper department to contact in an effort to satisfy their concern. The office also acts as a problems solution office through which the public can obtain timely assistance.

(504) 736-6101 / Fax (504) 736-6778

The Carnival/Mardi Gras Office is responsible for all aspects pertaining to Carnival/Special Event Parades in unincorporated Jefferson Parish. We ensure that the parading krewes adhere to the Ordinance, as well as educate the public pertaining to the Ordinance.

(504) 736-6771 / Fax (504) 736-6778

The Special Events Office ensures that all applicants adhere to the Ordinance regarding outdoor events, which are open to the general public (unincorporated Jefferson Parish), such as: block parties, fairs/festivals, foot races/walks, processions, and parades.


Daniela Bello
Cross Cultural Coordinator
(504) 518-2089

This department provides brochures of governmental information for the cross cultural population in Jefferson. These brochures can be found at libraries and are provided to many businesses in Jefferson Parish.

Sybil K. Reed

(504) 736-6065 / Fax (504) 736-6772

The Jefferson Parish Senior Citizens’ Services is dedicated to identifying, prioritizing and enhancing the quality of life, independence, health, and dignity of the elder population in unincorporated Jefferson Parish East and West Bank including the Town of Jean Lafitte, by managing community based elder programs.

CLICK HERE to view the Jefferson Parish Senior Citizens Program Flyer

(504) 736-6086 / Fax (504) 736-6778

The Office for Citizens with Disabilities provides: Information, referral, and educational services to Parish Officials, persons with disabilities, and the general public. This office is responsible for making recommendations to the Parish Administration with regard to the adoption and implementation of all plans relative to the interest and needs of the Parish's 89,000 citizens who have disabilities. This office compiled the Parish's ADA Compliance Plan and monitors to assure that the Parish is in compliance with Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act. It acts in an advisory capacity on disability related legislative mandates and advocates for ADA compliance by providing educational support to businesses public accommodations and parish and non-parish government entities so that litigation and discrimination against our citizens with disabilities can be avoided.