Student Engagement

Interactive program to introduce/build knowledge for Parish campers in local environmental issues and hazards.​

Floodplain Simulation Model

This system helps students understand the critical role that floodplains play in the life of a watershed and the impact of unplanned development and human activity in key areas through innovative hands-on simulations.

Marsh Plant Potting

Marsh vegetation is critical in sustaining our wetlands. Students get their hands dirty potting wetland plants so they can mature in our greenhouse until they are ready to be planted in strategic areas throughout the Parish.

Storm Surge Model

Storm surges occur when the water level of a tidally influenced body of water increases above the normal high tide. This activity demonstrates to importance of wetlands as a natural way to mitigate storm surge.

Water Safety

Jefferson parish has 336 square miles of water and only 305 square miles of land, resulting in more than 50% of Jefferson Parish being water. Lakes, rivers, bayous, canals and the ocean are enjoyed by many for recreation and water safety is paramount.