Parade Participants Regulations

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  1. No behavior that is indecent or vulgar

  2. No bomb bags

  3. No boxes

  4. No consumption of alcohol in assembly area

  5. No confetti metallic streamers

  6. No condoms or prophylactic

  7. No discarding of trash along the parade route

  8. No explode or detonate throws

  9. No firearms - Duly commissioned law enforcement personnel are exempted and must notify the office

  10. No flowers with wire stems

  11. No glass or sharp edged items

  12. No laser pointers

  13. No life threatening objects

  14. No microphones or megaphones

  15. No music that is not acceptable for public airwaves

  16. No noxious substance or liquid to be distributed

  17. No obviously intoxicated person

  18. No removal of costume or mask

  19. No sexually indecent dress or characterization

  20. No sexually oriented devices (blow up dolls - sex toys)

  21. No silly string

  22. No sitting on ledge or railing of float or truck-float

  23. No smoking on a float or truck-float

  24. No spears

  25. No standing on anything but deck of float or truck-float

  26. No stink bombs or stink sprays

  27. No throwing in assembly or disbanding area


  1. Person may be subject to surrender all throws for the duration of the parade

  2. Person may be removed from parade

  3. $500.00 fine or imprisonment

  4. Citations by J.P.S.O or J.P.F.D.

Riders not in compliance with Parade Ordinance No. 23544 [PDF] are subject to be removed from parade.