Public Safety Tips

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  • No animals, reptiles, rodents, marine life, fowls, or other animals dead or alive is prohibited. Service animals exempt.

  • No elevating-type vehicles, such as "cherry pickers"

  • No ladders, scaffolding or portable elevating devices on the street between the curbs or lateral curb lines and between the curb lines of any intersecting street

  • No ladders fastening together

  • No vehicle to obstruct, the passage of parade or traffic on any intersecting or adjacent

  • No Ropes, tents, scaffolds, or barricades or vehicles, which may act as an impediment to vehicular or pedestrian traffic on any right-of-way along a parade route

NO's - Within 15 Feet of Parade Route

  • No parking along of the curb or as posted

NO's - Within 50 Feet of Parade Route

  • No glass container of any type

  • No open flame heating or cooking devices on public right-of-way

  • No silly string within fifty (50) ft. from parade route

  • No Skates, skateboards, roller blades, bicycles, unicycles, or any other type of cycles

  • No stink bombs or stink sprays

  • No bomb bags

  • No laser pointers

NO's - Within 200 Feet of Parade Route

  • No metallic confetti streamers

  • No flare or device to produce a flame or to produce visible combustion, or to use or possess any incendiary or pyrotechnical instrument or device


  • Ladders must be placed as many feet back from the curb as the ladder is high

  • Barricades - parade viewers must obey restrictions by barricades