Transit Administration

Ninette Barrios
Ninette Barrios, Director

21 Westbank Expwy.
Gretna, LA 70053
Phone:  (504)364-3450
Fax:      (504)364-3453
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Department of Transit Administration Functions : To provide quality and accessible public transportation to Jefferson Parish residents. This department oversees contracted fixed route operators as well the Mobility Impaired Transit System (MITS). It applies and administers federal grants prepares bid specifications and oversees requests for proposals. On a daily basis the staff answer questions pertaining to bus routes and other transit related matters.

Five Most Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why don't the buses start earlier and run later?

The Transit Department is under very tight financial constraints. Buses must be scheduled to operate when there are sufficient numbers of riders to justify the cost of running them. The current schedules have been developed over many years and reflect start and end times which are justified by ridership. The scheduling of the bus routes is determined both by cost and demand. All routes begin at 6:30 a.m. or earlier and most buses run until 9 or 10 p.m. For more information, please call (504) 818-1077 or visit

2. Can you put a bus stop shelter or bench at this location?

Requests of this type are considered on an individual basis. To make such a request contact the Department of Transit Administration at 364-3450 or send a letter to: Department of Transit Administration, 21 Westbank Expressway, Gretna, Louisiana 70053. Shelters and benches are placed at those stops which have the greatest number of persons getting on the bus as shown by surveys which are conducted periodically. Bus stops are determined by demand. Shelters and benches are located at stops that show higher boarding count. There are a limited number of shelters. Since they are put on concrete slabs they are harder to move from one location to another.

3. Why can't I call MITS the day I want to ride?

Trips on MITS may be scheduled well in advance but not on the same day you wish to ride. The driver's schedules must be prepared the night before and printed out so that the driver will know his route for the entire day. Therefore, trips must be scheduled at least the day before you wish to travel.

There are a limited amount of rides available on MITS daily. Therefore, rides must be scheduled in advance to accommodate each rider. You can schedule an appointment up to a week in advance. If you schedule later you may have to negotiate a time when there is a slot available. To schedule a ride call 889-7156. Out of town riders are welcome.

4. How can I get across the Huey P. Long Bridge into the Elmwood area?

The Huey P. Long route provides service across the Huey P. Long Bridge into Elmwood. It connects the Jefferson Transit eastbank and westbank routes. A transfer point at Drake near the Westbank Expressway connects the Huey P. Long route to the Avondale route and at the Walkertown Terminal it connects with the Westbank Expressway route. On Jefferson Highway, it connects with the Kenner Local bus. See the Jefferson Transit Home Page for more details.

5. What bus do I take to get from here to there?

The latest bus route information is available on the Jefferson Transit website