Code of Ordinances

The Code of Ordinances hosted on the Municode website may not reflect the most current legislation adopted by the Jefferson Parish Council. Additionally, interim development standards authorized by Parish Council Resolution may be in place. If you are reviewing the Code for proposed development of property, please contact the Planning Department to ensure your design professional has the most up-to-date regulations.

Chapter 25 Article 6 Comprehensive Plan

Chapter 33 Unified Development Code

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PLEASE NOTE: The applications below are fillable pdf format. The applications are also formatted for legal size (8.5" x 14") paper, if your printer only has letter size (8.5" x 11") paper then you will need to adjust your printer settings so that the application prints properly. To determine if an application requires a public hearing or not, please contact the Planning Department.

NOTE: The Planning Department advises that you speak with a planner before submitting the following application types.  The planner will email you the application form after discussing the request.

Chapter 40 Zoning

Moratoria and Interim Development Standards

When the Parish Council adopts a resolution that authorizes a study of the parish’s development regulations, it may choose to impose a moratorium or interim development standards during the course of the study. Moratoria or interim development standards go into effect immediately upon adoption of the resolution by the Council, and they stay in place for up to one year but may be extended for up to six additional months. (Chapter 40 Zoning, Sec. 40-880 Permits pending amendments; Moratorium and Chapter 33 UDC, Sec. 33-2.21.5. Approvals pending ordinance amendments; moratorium.)

The table below lists the moratoria or interim development standards that are currently in effect, with the zoning districts affected and when the moratorium or interim development standards will expire. The table also provides a link to the resolutions which contain the details of the moratoria or interim development standards. 

Please contact a planner for a complete understanding of these moratoria or interim development standards.

Districts Affected



Expiration Date

Old Metairie Neighborhood Conservation District

The uncontested tree removal area regulations of Sec. 40-180(d) shall apply, except that uncontested tree removal shall not be allowed within the required side yards of the zoning district in which the property is located

136707 & 138642


Portion of properties located within the Elmwood Subdivision on the West Bank

Units restricted to persons 55 and older and a spouse of any age; or all residents over the age of 62.

Homeowners association is required. Dimensional standards of the R-1A zoning district shall apply, except that:

Min. area of 2,100 sq. ft., min. width 30 ft., and depth of 70 ft. are required.





R-1MH zoned property located within the Bunche Village neighborhood, bounded by Airline Drive, Little Farms Avenue, Canadian National Railway (CN Rail), and Filmore Street

R-1A zoning shall apply



Certain R-1A zoned properties fronting on Labarre Dr. between Metairie Rd. and Vivian St.

RR-3 zoning shall apply, except any existing stand-alone 1- or 2-family dwelling shall be recognized as a conforming use.



R-3 Multiple-Family Residential zoned property between Westbank Expressway, Silver Lily Lane, Acre Road and Cohen Road.  

R-2 zoning shall apply